The banner picture above is a bulletin board highlighting the leaders of various groups/committees. 

We have standing committees or form ad-hoc groups to run the business side of church life. We emphasize that participation in those groups is both a form of stewardship and a way to further 'build community'- the first tenet of our mission statement. 

We also have Chalice Circles or other groups that are more for enjoyment, personal growth and fellowship. We encourage all members to strive for balance and to participate in both types- the groups that enable the church to run smoothly, but also groups for personal enrichment. 

Most of our committees and chalice circles have email listservs and a Google Drive account dedicated to their needs. Committee members can share and collaborate with documents uploaded to their drive. We strive to bring our congregation closer together using the many electronic tools available to us. One of our goals is to further enhance this strategy. 

See the linked PDF that shares basic information about many of our committees and chalice circles.