Mission Statement


Build communitySeek inspirationPromote justiceFind peace

It is a reflection of who we are. The following words are not an official part of our mission, but help to explain the above eight words which were approved on December 4, 2005:

Build Community: We come together to provide a caring community, to encourage and to support one another in our religious, spiritual and personal development — and to promote a more just and peaceful world.

Seek Inspiration: We are moved by acts of kindness and love; we are awed by the beauty and wonder of the natural world; we are lifted up by the power of reason. Join us to find your inspiration.

Promote Justice: We value deeds over creeds — it's our actions that define us. Whether you're passionate about LGBTQIA issues, addressing immigration justice, or promoting sustainability, this community provides opportunities for better understanding ... and collective action.

Find Peace: We each have different concepts of what peace means to us, but without peace within ourselves, within our families and our congregation we will have difficulty bringing peace to our community and larger world. 

Our Vision: 

We dedicate ourselves to:

Expanding religious, educational, and social activities that serve our congregation and the larger community.  

Acting on our individual and collective commitment to promote social justice.

Enhancing the diversity of our liberal religious community.

Improving the accessibility and functionality of our facilities, and ensuring that they are an asset to our community.     

Approved 12/4/2005