Social Action Committee

The Social Action Committee has become more successful in the past few years due to a significant increase in interest from the congregation, especially new members. The shared offering program began in 2004, and it increases awareness, increases generosity, and also sparks involvement in some of the organizations. Leadership of the Social Action Committee has changed from year to year, but attendance at meetings has generally increased. In 2011, the congregation began designating all-congregation, 2-year initiatives, which are vetted through the Social Action Committee and voted on by the entire church. Projects so far have included Hunger, Immigration Justice, and currently Racial Justice. The Social Action Committee has some regular recurring projects, such as the CROP Walk and Habitat for Humanity builds that draw in many participants.  The Social Action Committee has a very large, active, and vocal listserv and gets regular updates from UUANI (Unitarian Universalist Advocacy Network of Illinois) on social justice activities around the state, in which many of our members participate. The Partner Church Committee, which is under the Social Action umbrella, stays in touch with our two partner churches in Romania and India. The committee members correspond with the churches to stay informed about their needs, and report to the congregation in an annual partner church worship service. The committee raises funds through special Indian and Romanian meals put on at the church. The two partner churches have a standard place as our shared offering for December every year.   

Social Action has grown, but we heard a strong sentiment in our cottage meetings and congregational survey that people want to see the efforts continue to grow. We are certainly poised to deepen our commitment and actions with the energy in the church and with the talents of our newly settled minister, Rev. Florence Caplow.