UUCUC has had a large and active religious education program for many years, focused primarily on children and youth. However, in the ministerial search process and the ministerial start-up workshop, members identified “inter-generational disconnect” as an issue for the congregation, and they expressed a hunger for forms of religious education that would include all ages, multi-generational worship, and greater support for parents and families.

We hope that an Interim DRE will guide us through the five interim tasks, share resources and models from the wider world of UU faith formation, and help us craft a vision for all generations at UUCUC that encompasses what we are and how we would like to grow, so that we can begin to manifest changes in our RE program that truly reflect the possibilities within this congregation. We hope that at the end of the interim period we are truly prepared to welcome a new DRE as a co-creator of a revitalized, inspiring RE program.

This letter from Rev. Florence Caplow provides additional context for where she sees the Interim DRE assisting in the revisioning of the UUCUC RE program.